Jesus Christ, The King of Unhurry


We’ll be starting a series on “The Unhurried Life.” The main themes are the problems and sinfulness wrapped up in our ever-more-hurried living. God’s gracious gift and calling to live “unhurried,” revealed in the example of Jesus, and instructed throughout Scriptures. The benefits of this type of life, which actually means to be productive in more meaningful ways. And, finally, our call to free others from their lives of hurry through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

– This week, as part of the “celebration”, we look at the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry. With all that He was tasked to do on Earth, he started by showing what it is to be “unhurried.” In fact, He did so by extending a party! But, what He revealed in all this is His Kingdom of “unhurry” that is being brought to this world.